People of Truth #YouthDay 

Nozipho Madlala
A people pushed deep into
The trenches of depression
Deceived, we believe
That we’ll never be enough
Deep in the dungeons
Of normalized rejection
And poverty, and oppression
We’ve made peace
With our struggles
In life and in love

We’ll tell you only what
We’ve been taught about us
We’ve forgotten the names
Of our fathers
But at least we know Jesus
Salvation is what we need
We’re blind enough
To follow, but not wise
Enough to lead
But take heed of the
Truth in the music
And incense
It gives us enough fight
To earn our freedom
But not enough to find
Our way back to where
We’re from

But on this day
May we lay down our shields
And sorrows
And break the chains
And the laws that have
Compromised the last of
Our heroes
We reject the system that
Rejects our culture and skin
The will to be
Now stems from the war within
We’re woke and we’re loud
And we’re comfortable with
Your discomfort
So be not proud
We’ll unlearn and uproot
Because we’re fearfully made
Out of dust and ancient truth
Nozipho is a 29 year old poet and social media activist with a keen interest in South African politics and issues affecting women and children. She has been writing poetry since the age of 12 and has had several works published by the then South African Poetry Institute, Botsotso, I Speak Hip Hop (Magazine), Sowetanlive, Timeslive and Oxford University Press (IsiZulu literature). Her work touches many social and political issues affecting South Africans with the aim of not only bringing awareness but also to empower. She is a TUT and UCT graduate and currently resides and works in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal.

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