POETRY: Being Black #BlackLivesMatter (English) 

By: Nozipho Madlala 

Half smiles to the crowds,
We neither acknowledge nor reject
the existence of them
who have turned our blackness
into unpredictable places of pain
We neither embrace nor turn our backs
on history, though she continues to tell
white lies about who we really are
We can only borrow shelter from the heavens
and strength from those who came before us
when being black and breathing
becomes probable cause for war

the kisses of the sun were never in vain
and the piercings of the thorns beneath our feet
have drawn our blood nearer to the soil that birthed us;
grew our roots from the soil that unearthed us
We will neither surrender our skin
nor take up arms
We can only borrow time from the stars afar
When our feet and minds take us
beyond the limits of our fortunes
and being black and successful
becomes probable cause for war

We will neither speak nor remain silent
Our blackness has been loud enough to awaken sirens
in the dark of the night
And quiet enough to make justice forget about us
We can only stand and be patient with each scar
As the bullets and canines come charging at us
When being black and proud
becomes probable cause for war

We will neither die nor continue to live under the labels
that have been assigned to our hair and our clothes
Our sons and daughters will neither fear nor
provoke the systems that make it okay to lower the bar
To insult and to patronize those who do not see
that black man was always on his own
We can only be black, even when being black
becomes probable cause for war


    Author: Nozipho Madlala

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