UCT completes inquiry against two SRC members | Kwalo ya dipelaelo tšatlhorišo le go kata, kgahlanong le baithuti ba ba bedi Yunibesithing ya Motse Kapa. 


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Translated by: Tšhegofatsho Mabutla
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Bekeng ye e fetilego, Yunibesithi ya Motse Kapa e humane baetapele bja lekgotla la baithuti (SRC) ba hloka molato. Sephetho se se tlile ka morago ga dinyakišišo tša tlhorišo le go katwa ga morutwana mo khempasing.  
Mmoledi wa Yunibesithi, Elijah Molohola, o re ba tšeyere sephetho sa go phumula molato wo kgahlanong le baithuti, morago ga go hlohla dinthla. Mosekaseki we sehlongwa sa Yunibesithi o humane bohlatse bja dinyakišišo bo sa lekaneli tswelopele ya pelaelo kgahlanong le bona. Molohola o tswaletše ka gore; phetho ya go koba bobedi bja barutwana ba mo bodulong bja baetapele bja baithuti, e hloka lebaka le le tiileng, ebile e tšhwanetse go dirollwa.  
Bakgethatema bja Yunibesithi ba gatellela gore, ba na le maatla le tokelo ya go tsošolloša pego ya pelaelo. Ge bohlatse bjo boswa bo ka tšwelela nyanyeng.
Molohola yena o kgahlanong le go lokollwa ga mabitšo a baithuti ka 5 Mosegamanye. O bona tiro ye e le bosenyi bja bokgonthe le toko ya dinyakišišo.
Diboledi tša lekgotla la baetapele bja baithuti ba hlokile karabo go sephetho sa Yunibesithi. Ga bjale baithuti bohle bja Yunibesithi ba maikhutšong, thuto e tswela pele ka 14 Phato.
English Version

The University of Cape Town (UCT) last week completed its preliminary inquiry into rape and sexual harassment charges against two student leaders.
In a statement that went largely unnoticed, UCT spokesperson Elijah Moholola said that the two student leaders had been acquitted after the preliminary inquiry carried out by the institution’s investigating officer found that there was not enough prima facie evidence to proceed with either case. Moholola added that that the University had not received the statement of the complainant. ‘There is therefore no basis for the SRC’s suspension of the two individuals to continue’ said Moholola.
The University emphasized that while it had dropped the charges against the students at this stage, it reserved the right to recharge them should new evidence surface.  
Moholola once again condemned the public naming of the student leaders who were suspended by the SRC on 05 July after the allegations surfaced. “We view this as contrary to the principle of fairness and justice and may interfere with legal proceedings”.
The SRC has yet to comment on the matter. UCT students are currently on a mid-year break and classes will resume on 14 August. 

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