BREAKING NEWS: Banqunyanyisiwe abane e-CPUT| 4 student leaders suspended at CPUT

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Ekapa- Idyunivesithi i-CPUT inqumamise abafundi abane malunga noqhankqalazo lwabafundi oludibene nokunqongophala kwamagumbi okulala.
I-Vernac News ifumanise ukuba u-Ayakha Magxothwa, Lukhanyo Vanqa, Neo Mongale kunye no Sivuyise Nolusu banqunyanyisiwe emva kokubandakanyeka kuqhankqalazo lwangoMvulo.
Kwileta enqumamisa aba bafundi iDyunivesithi ithe banqunyanyiswa ngenxa yokophula umthetho wokuziphatha weli ziko.

Kukwavakala nokuba idyunivesithi ifumane umyalelo weNkundla ePhakamileyo onqanda aba bafundi ngokuqhubeka noluqhankqalazo.
ULauren Kansely osisithethi sedyunivesithi khange afumaneke azokuphawula.
Eli linqaku elisaphuhlayo.

English translation:
Cape Town – The Cape Peninsula University of Technology has suspended 4 student leaders linked to the residence accommodation protest that began on Monday.
Vernac News has learnt that student leaders Ayakha Magxothwa, Lukhanyo Vanqa, Neo Mongale and Sivuyise Nolusu have been served with suspension letters following a temporary suspension of classes on Monday.
In the suspension letters the students are said to have contravened the University’s Code of Conduct.
The university is believed to have obtained a high court interdict barring the above mentioned students from occupying CPUT buildings.
Lauren Kansely, CPUT spokesperson, was not available for comment.
This is a developing story.

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: Banqunyanyisiwe abane e-CPUT| 4 student leaders suspended at CPUT

  1. Dear Staff Writer, This one has me puzzling. Rules get interpreted. How are the rules interpreted by administration, by students? Behind all rules, there is some process. What is it here? Would it make better sense to put up the full correspondence? And why is the letter RE:? That suggests a two-way communication. What is the meaning of ‘allegedly’? Is it so or not? And so on. Your report has my head spinning. Hope this helps! Thomas Scarborough, Minister | Congregational Church, Partner | Anglican Church, Editor | Philosophical Investigations, Deputy Editor | The Philosopher

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