Low voter turn out plagues UCT SRC elections | Palo ya dikgetho tša UCT SRC ya fasefase #UCTDecides

Sakhikhaya Dlala & Manoko Meso
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Motse Kapa – Gwa šiiša. Go šaletše letšatši le tee fela gore dikgetho tša 2017/2018 tša SRC ya University of Cape Town (UCT) di fele ka mo palo ya dikgetho e fasefase.  
Go ya ka Edwin Brooks, yena Chief Electoral Officer mo UCT, palo ya dikgetho go fihlela maabane di 09 Diphalane 2017 e eme go dikgetho tše 2492. Ye ke bothata ebile le gore palo ye e tlo ya fase ge go balwa dikgetho tša maleba ka Mokibelo. Nomoro ye ya 2492 o tsebe gore ke dikgetho tša di paper ballot tša online.

Diripa tša baithuti mo dikgethong.
Baithuti ba arogantšwe ka diripa tše tharo go thuša ka dikgetho.
A: Baithuti kamoka ba undergraduate ngwageng wo ba go dira higher certificate, diploma, diploma ya godimo (advanced diploma) or degree ya bachelor ( re bala le bona ba go dira  degree ya LLB) goba postgraduate diploma goba degree ya honours bao e lego gore ba dumeletšwe go kgetha (re sa bale baithuti kamoka ba go dira certificate, diploma goba degree ba distance-mode).

B: Baithuti kamoka ba senakwana (occasional) re bala ba go dira semester study abroad le ba go dira certificate, diploma goba degree by distance-mode, bao e lego ba dumeletšwe go kgetha.
C: Baithuti kamoka ba go dira master’s goba yona doctoral qualifications, bao e lego ba dumeletšwe go kgetha.

Gore dikgetho tša SRC di be tša maleba, swanetše go be le dikgetho tša go fetha 25% ya batho  ba siripa sa  A. Ke ra gore, dikgetho di swanetše go feta 6500 ya dikgetho ka ge 6500 e le 25% ya baithuta ba 19000 le go feta ga nnyane.

Go direga eng ge 25% ye e se ya fihlelwa?
-Dikgetho tša SRC ga se tša maleba ge 25% ye ya dikgetho e se ya fihlelwa. (Go thwe di invalid).

-Ge go le bjalo, Election Commission e swanetše bo romela ba Student Parliament le USAC pego. USAC morago ga go lebelela dikgetho the go kwa gore ba Student Parliament ba reng, ba swanetše ba dire dikgothaletšo (recommendations) go Council e le gore ba tšeya baithuti ba 15 ba go hwetša dikgetho tša pele gore e be bona SRC ya interim gob aba tšeye lemanoa le lengwe la go leka go ba le mohuta wa SRC.

-Ge ba Council ba kgethile go ba le SCR ya interim. SRC ya interim e nale maatla, ditokela le maikarabelo a SRC ntle le gore:

  • Ga ea kgone go proposer di phetogo go constitution ya SRC.
  • E tlo ba bound ka majority a Student Parliament tlhakanong ya Student Parliament moo go tla ba go le quorum.

Dikgetho dia tswalela ka Labohlano. Baithuti ba ka lahlela kgetho ya bona go https://eballot4.votenet.com/uct/login.cfm

English version: 

Cape Town – With just one day left to vote for the 2017/2018 University of Cape Town (UCT) SRC, the voter turnout is at an all time low.

According to Edwina Brooks, the Chief Electoral Officer at UCT, the voter tally as of yesterday 09 October stood at 2492 votes. This a rough tally and the number could decrease further when valid votes are counted on Saturday. The 2492 number comprises of online and paper ballots.

Poll categories

For the purpose of the election, students are divided into three categories.

A: All undergraduate students registered in the current year for a higher certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or a bachelor’s degree (including students registered for the LLB degree) or a postgraduate diploma or an honours degrees, who are eligible to vote (but excluding all students registered for a certificate, diploma or degree by distance mode).

B: All occasional students including all semester study abroad students and all students registered for a certificate, diploma or degree by distance-mode, who are eligible to vote.

C: All students registered for master’s or doctoral qualifications, who are eligible to vote.

For the SRC election to be valid, there needs to be 25% valid votes from Category A which is approximately 6500 votes of the 19000+ student populace.

What happens if 25% is not achieved?

-An SRC election is invalid if the poll of 25% is not achieved.

– Where an election is invalid because of an inadequate poll, the Election Commission must submit a report on the election to the Student Parliament and USAC. USAC must, having regard to the poll obtained and the views of the Student Parliament, make a recommendation to the Council as to whether to recognise the 15 members who received the most votes as an Interim SRC or take some other appropriate action to constitute an SRC or an interim SRC.

-Should Council decide to establish an interim SRC, the interim SRC has the powers, rights and obligations of an SRC except that:

– it may not propose amendments to the SRC constitution; and

– it will be bound by a simple majority of the Student Parliament at a meeting of the Student Parliament at which there is a quorum.”

Voting closes on Friday and students are urged to click the link below to cast their votes. https://eballot4.votenet.com/uct/login.cfm

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