POEM: Crystal

By: Thabile Jezile

She defied herself of purification,
Seduced by temporary vibrations.
Copiously reliant on sour sips of Sapphires,
Oblivious to warning signs of fatal fires.
Crystal pops poppin’ in the dungeons of her belly,
Palpatations aggravating,
Gasping breath’s frustrating,
Tranquilizing tales ,
Self-inflicted blackmail,
Redundant games,
Heads or tails,
Pulling last tails,
Soothing exhales.
Numbing pains.
Fabricated fame.
Subject to shame.
Blocking the blame.
Moral decay.
She refused to be saved.
Her future is the grave
Desperately proving she’s brave
Isn’t bravery allowing to be saved?
Releasing the strain.
Divorcing the pain.
Deleting temptation.
Instead she makes excuses
It’s too much to be wasted.
Reverting to her isolation.
Emancipated from public denunciation.
Embracing nasal exasperation,
Mental stimulation,
Enticing conversation,
Emotional confrontation,
Relentless misinterpretation,
Insomniac vexation,
Neck tension,
Classic hypertension.
Cell disconnected.
Night evaporated.
Day escalated.
SerDep hate inflated!
Reacking of semen,
Sun, beaming.
Trouser tracking.
Converse cruising.
Crop top creeping.
Illusionary minds,
Parading to paradise.
Combating the light.
Crying at night.
Getting hard to fight.
Can’t put up a fight.
Just one more flight,
One more night,
Promise, this is the last time.
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