‘Underage pregnant women are a ticking time bomb’- Minister Mbalula

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Cape Town – The Minister of Police set UWC alight this evening to launch this year’s Manifesto on behalf of SASCO UWC.
As expected, “Mr Razzmatazz” was his normal charismatic and controversial self, speaking on how hard the student struggle is, and how students need to fight for what is theirs. He emphasised that this is now the time to call out senior leaders and accept the “responsibility” of a continued struggle for freedom, land redistribution and radical economic transformation amongst others, pleading with the students to “Fear Fokol!”

He also called out his junior comrades saying that they must not ask for power, then when elected, use the power to just host street bashes. “You are students, you must have Fun!! But, do not drown in fun,” he warned.

He reminded the young ANC members to avoid infighting amongst the PYA structures, and reminded them that SASCO leads the struggle on campus, with the YCL and ANCYL coming in second. This is what he said is the cause of the losses suffered in WITS and other universities, and he warned the students to not suffer the same fate.

An uncomfortable and rather disturbing part of his speech were the negative comments he made about pregnant youth stuck in the township. He said they have no future, and said that the students are better than them because they made it to university without becoming pregnant.

“That’s what you call a ticking time-bomb,” he was heard saying. Young women in the venue were visibly offended, as their faces soured as they shared looks amongst each other, as if to subtly attempt to voice out their displeasure.

He awkwardly moved past the discomfort, and went on to further encourage SASCO UWC to take their campus, and did not hold back any punches when criticising the outgoing political organisation in power, PASMA, claiming that they did nothing for the students. “Dololo! Nothing!”

His frustration seemed like it came from a student who experienced the dissatisfaction that he was speaking of, and added that he too was a student at UWC. His empathy was admired. But unfortunately not enough to wash off the tactless comment on the pregnant youth stuck in the townships.

One of the most important parts of his speech, to which he received a rousing response, was when he said as students, SASCO must be the first to fight for free education, but also the first to pass in their studies. In his popular and almost comic charismatic manner, he educated as much as he entertained.

Treating the students to laughter and a  refreshing criticism of South Africa’s stale political leader’s, he left the students with a message that urged them to not only be ready to fight to elections next week, but also to ready themselves to take the driving seat as the new generation of leaders.

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