UCT brings ‘apartheid police dogs’, erects exam ‘concentration camp’ tent | UCT e tla ka “Ntja’maphodisa a Apharteid” ba hlomme tente ya kgatelelo #UCTShutDown


Sakhikhaya Dlala & Tshegofatsho Mabutla
Cape Town- Tšhireletšo e poraebete ga ya lekanela yunibesithi ya motse kapa, ba wokeditše ka dimpša tša bogajana. Di German Sheperd, bjalo ka ge e tsebjwa ke batho baso ele ‘ntja’maphodisa a apartheid.’

Mohlapetši yo poraebete le “ntja’maphodisa a apartheid” ba bonwa ko Madiba Circle khempaseng ya UCT. |A private security guard and an ‘apartheid police dog’ are seen at UCT’s Madiba Circle (Seswantšho: Wandile Kasibe)

Mo ntweng ya go phethagatša dihlahlobo, yunibesithi ere ba hlomme tente molaleng wa rugby go phema mogwanto woo o ka diragalago mafelong a mangwa a go ngwala. Morago ga go swarwa ga baithuti ba ba nne ka Labohlano le Mokibelo, UCT Fees Must Fall ere ” the university wants students to write exams in a ‘concentration camp under duress and paramilitary environment'”.
Tente ya kgatelelo (Seswantšho: Wandile Kasibe)

Baithuti ba go lwela tikologo ba ikemišetša Kopano Lehono ka iri ya boraro (12 Nofemere), go kgetha tema ya go tšwelapele. Babereki ba yo gwanta, ba ikemišeditše go fa yunibesithi memorantamo. Ba nyaka yunibesithi e rarologantšhe kgakgano ka potlako.
Yunibesithi ya motse kapa e feditše ngwaga wa bona wa thuto, dihlahlobo di thoma beke etlago.
Cape Town – As if private security was not enough, the University of Cape Town (UCT), through its private security company, has brought on campus the infamous German shepherd known to many black people as the ‘apartheid police dog’.
In a bid to force through the completion of examinations, the university said that it had installed a big marquee tent on the rugby fields to avert any protest action that may occur as a result of examinations being held in different venues.
Reacting to the arrests of 4 students on Friday and Saturday, UCT Fees Must Fall said ‘the university wants students to write exams in a ‘concentration camp under duress and a paramilitary environment’.
Student activists are set to hold a meeting on Sunday  afternoon at 15h00 to forge a way forward while the workers are planning a march to handover a memorandum to the University demanding a speedy resolution of the conflict currently plaguing the campus.

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