Cape Town activists demand justice for fallen cadres #JusticeForPhilelaAndRasMoziah

Cape Town – Khayelitsha activists held a picket outside Lingelethu West Police Station on Saturday calling for justice for two murdered activists.
The picket took place outside Lingelethu West Police Station where the dockets into the murder cases of Mthunzi ‘Ras’ Zuma and Philela Gilwa are held.

The activists complain of a lack of progress into both cases.
Zuma and Gilwa were both involved in the Khayelitsha land occupation that started in mid-May. They were killed in separate incidents just over a month apart between May and July.

Captain Madzidzela who was in charge on Saturday attended to the group and expressed her sympathy for the lack of progress in both cases.
The station commander was not available to receive the memorandum and the protesting group opted to come back for another meeting next week.

The group also demanded to meet the cluster head of Khayelitsha police citing concerns that the cases remaining stagnant could be because of their highly political nature and possible collusion between local politicians and the police in deliberately suppressing the case.

A final date for the next meeting has not yet been confirmed but it is expected to occur between Monday and Wednesday next week.

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