STORY SERIES: Guessing Games Part 1 #DecemberStories

Mystique Boet
‘He’s reading off the damn slides again. Why do I come here if he’s gonna read off the slides?’ Jade jumped off her seat and left the lecture hall. In seconds, she had requested her Uber and she was rushing to the pedestrian exit on Robert Sobukwe Road, where Farai was waiting for her in a White Honda Mobilio. She speed-walked her way to him, jumped in the back, and in seconds Farai was driving at the maximum speed limit to get to Bella Bellota in Durbanville, as Jade was texting her boyfriend Sibu to meet her there. She was craving their Sushi really, really bad. On the way, she ignored Farai attempts to make small talk about Cape Town weather. ‘Nothing to talk about there. It’s crazy. The end, no discussion.’

Farai kept looking at her in the rearview mirror, asking himself why this tall woman would sit in the middle of the back seat in an empty car. He rolled his eyes when he saw her iPhone. ‘Rich little bitch.’ Since he had  crossed the border he had seen too many self-important arrogant rich girls in South Africa, wearing skirts too short and jeans too tight. Jade here was no exception. Her denim skirt was cut at the edges, her thighs were stretching it out and the skirt was making a mediocre, failing attempt to cling on to those thighs and cover their caramel, shaved skin. He could imagine just how they felt when touched, wondering if he could feel little hair roots tickle his palm when he brushes up, and a smoother texture when he brushes down. He had to admit, these girls had the worst attitudes but had the softest skin. He found the place where her thighs met and saw the small hole that the skirt failed to cover. He opened his mouth. ‘Look at that. Oh my god…’

“Oh my god, the road!!!” Jade fell to the seat on her right as Farai swerved the car to the left side of the road into the yellow line, to avoid hitting a vehicle that had slowed down in front of them. Jade’s heart was beating so fast, she was quiet for the remaining 30 seconds of the trip to Bella Bellota. Upon arrival, Jade was so shaken she couldn’t even hear Farai speaking, she just dug in her bag and gave him R95 for the trip. They were parked in a small side street next to the complex of restaurants in Wellington Road. Uber drivers always got it wrong. After handing Farai the money, Jade now heard him say it’s not enough and that she must add R20. “What? I gave you R95 dude, don’t try me please.”

Farai heard Jade’s tone and it got him annoyed all over again. “Mam, I almost got in accident because you say I must be fast fast so you get here quick. You must pay R20 extra for my services.” Right after he said that, he could see how Jade’s face went from being annoyed to being filled with disbelief. She then laughed in his face, told him he’s crazy and said ‘bye’ as she reached for the door. ‘That’s it, I’ve had it with these girls.’ He pressed the button.

Jade pulled at the door handle, but it didn’t work. Then, she heard the engine stop. Farai took off his safety belt. She pulled the door handle again. Nothing.

He had locked her in the car.

He grabbed her, and everything just went dark. That’s all she could remember about the moment before she woke up. Now, she was in her bed with her boyfriend sleeping in a chair next to her. Her mind was all over the place, she was confused, her heart was racing and she started heating up. She scrambled to sit upright on the bed, wanting to see if anything was a miss around her. And then, she remembered. As her pulse calmed, she leaned her back on the headboard. Slowly, she slid her hand down her body and placed it on her lower abdomen, then rubbed it gently in a circular motion, as a tear rolled down her face. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes again. She was here. She had made it. And, she was pregnant.

    source: TrainingZone

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