Grace Mugabe’s ‘Phd’ thesis released by UZ

Simbarashe Nyatsanza 
Cape Town – Grace Mugabe’s controversially awarded doctorate thesis titled ‘The changing social structure and functions of the family: The case of children’s homes in Zimbabwe’, has now been made available to the public.
The thesis resulted in the former Zimbabwean first lady being awarded a doctorate at a ceremony held at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) in 2014. She was capped by none other than Robert Mugabe himself.
The awarding of the doctorate came after Mrs Mugabe had enrolled at the institution only three months previously. Under normal circumstances a doctorate is awarded to a deserving candidate after years of study and research.
Students of the UZ under the leadership of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) subsequently issued a statement calling for the resignation of UZ vice chancellor Mr Levi Nyagura on the grounds that he presided over the awarding of the dubious doctorate.
“It is our concerned view that your continued stay at the helm of the institution further degrades its already tainted image in the academic field. This is because you presided over the awarding of a bogus doctorate to Grace Mugabe”, said part of the statement.
“The act of awarding the bogus degree represents the deplorable conduct by your office. The issue is now being investigated by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, (ZACC), further putting the university under the spotlight for the wrong reasons”.
Reports from UZ indicate that Levi Nyagura is still the vice chancellor and has since had his contract with the university renewed. The contract was published yesterday on the UZ website.
ZACC has gone on to clarify that they are in fact not investigating Mugabe’s PhD.
ZINASU and the SRC at UZ have declined to comment further on the matter.
The general consensus among students at the university is that the quality of education provided has been heavily compromised under the current leadership of Nyagura. The university is allegedly operating under an undesirable environment.
The thesis can be read here 

    source: theafricareport

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