DASO member removed from UCT SRC

Cape Town – UCT SRC Treasure General, Emma Johansson, has been removed from the student body.
Her removal was revealed in a scathing statement by DASO UCT chairperson Neo Mkwane condemning the ‘unprocedural and callous’ removal of Johansson by PASMA and EFFSC whom he claims were aided by two DASO members, Mthobisi Mngomezulu and Christopher Logan.
Mkwane added that DASO views the removal of Emma as an attempt by a ‘cabal of patriarchs’ united together to remove a woman from the SRC.
“Mngomezulu and Logan’s repeated actions stand in opposition to all the values DASO holds dear, and we no longer consider them as our members”, said Mkwane.
SRC president Karabo Khakhau could not confirm nor deny Johansson’s removal. Khakhau said that the SRC could not comment at this stage and a statement will be released at a later stage.
Johansson’s removal is the first indication of tensions within the DASO led SRC.
Johansson submitted her letter of resignation this week but later retracted it.
Masixole Mlandu who represents PASMA within the SRC said that the SRC met and amongst other things voted on the removal of Johansson.
Commenting on the removal of Johansson, Zukiswa Jack of the EFFSC said that “given the necessity for an efficient and effective executive during these critical times, when she resigned we understood the decision. The SRC had an emergency meeting yesterday and decided to accept her resignation. I hope and trust that the next member to take office will put the interest of the students first, and lead effectively and with integrity”.
DASO said that they will seek recourse to overturn the decision.
Johansson’ removal effectively leaves DASO with 8 members including Mngomezulu and Logan, PASMA retains its 2 seats and so does the EFF with 3 seats.
The SRC will meet and decide on who to appoint next on to the student body using the previous election’s results.

    source: da.co.za

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