40 years after Sobukwe’s death, South African MPs vote in favor of land return without pay

Cape Town – Exactly 40 years after the death of liberation giant and PAC leader, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, the South African National Assembly has adopted a motion to investigate and review the feasibility of land expropriation without compensation.
The motion of expropriation of land without compensation was led by EFF leader Julius Malema and later amended by the ANC. 241 MPs voted in favor of the motion with 83 opposing it.
Malema said that the time had come for justice in order to undo the colonial legacy of land dispossession.
The only parties that opposed this motion are the DA, Cope, FF Plus and ACDP.
The matter will now be referred to the Constitutional Review Committee which will review Section 25 of the Constitution and report back to the National Assembly 30 August 2018.


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