Life Advice

The days of gowishing in silence are over coz Sis’ Womgowo is here to help you!


Sis WoMgowo is ready to advice you as you go through the most 


Going through the most? Maybe you’ve just failed a module, you need a study buddy or even worse, your crush just called you ‘Mntase’ or maybe, you just need to offload some weight and get advice on something, anything, and you need someone to go to.

Sondel’apha Mntaka mama. Usis’ WoMgowo is right here. Just ask for advice, send us an email and we’ll publish it with Sisi Womgowo’s response. She’ll even keep you anonymous at your request, make sure to include your age, occupation and location.

For example:

Dear Sis Womgowo:

I met this fascinatingly attractive woman on campus. She seems like a good person and all, but the thing is she’s all about the church and everything and I’m not really into that kind of stuff but I really like her. Ngenze njani? – Sbu, 27 (Student).

You can send us an email directly at or you can send an anonymous email here , simply copy and paste the email address above and whalla, you’re on your way to untangling yourself from whatever misery life may throw at you. Remember to use any language you’re comfortable with. 



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