‘Ndiyoyika ukutyelwa’, Sis WoMGowo responds

Dear Sis’ Womgowo
I’m a UWC male student, studying financial accounting. I’m usually a confident guy, assertive and I wouldn’t say I’m unattractive.
I’m also 22 years old and I’m in a situation. Zange ndatyelwa before, but ngoku kukho this guy that’s pursuing a girl I’m vibing with. Asijoli naye, but I was hoping it could be more. She’s first year, slender somhlaba, une dreads azibophayo with big, soft eyes that literally make me melt when I see her.
Yonk into ibi right before kufike lee chap. And ndiyayazi lee bra, iyazithanda iimpundu and I even know people he’s slept with. At some point, he and his friends used to keep a tally of the girls they slept with in one of their rooms at Kovacs. People knew this about them, but it was before she studied here. He’s not good for her, or anyone. Ngok ingxaki yam ndifuna ukumchazela what I know about this guy, cause I know how she feels about izif*be zamadoda. She’d probably cut him off. Same time, andifun uba ngathi ndinomona and I’m using this in spite because my ego might get bruised kutyelwa for the first time. If I talk I’m basically weak, if I don’t she might get hurt.
Zimasile, 22 (UWC)
Ndiyagowa Sis’ Womgowo, ndithini?
Sis WoMgowo responds:
Dear Zimasile
This is definitely a complexity. It is evident that you are drawn to her. Don’t get it twisted Z, if you don’t tread carefully… UZOTYELWA!
Though I cannot speak to the specifics regarding usisi loo, I can assure you that your words may not hold water. This is because you have every idea of the prospects of how she may receive the information. It may, unknowingly, create conclusions about the kind of guy you are.
Ever heard when people say “umntu ubonwa ngezenzo zakhe”? Since you have this information about what she likes and doesn’t, show her what position you want to occupy in her space before someone else does. It also seems kuba you have close proximity to her. This is a good thing. You may want to use the time to understand her better and what she is looking for, then you should propose the idea of a relationship. Z, remember to respect her boundaries and her answer, because believe it or not… nawe you may not be what she wants.
Yours must be to impress her to the core. Remember “Well timed silence has more value than speech “.
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