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‘Asiyi kwandawo, asizulawulwa ziinjubaqa thina’ | Karabo Khakhau rejects UCT SRC reshuffle

Ekapa – UKarabo Khakhau, owayesakuba nguMongameli weSRC e-UCT, ulikhaba ngawo omane inyathelo lokuhlenga-hlengisa isigqeba seBhunga laBafundi UCT. UKhakhau utyhola ‘iinjubaqa’ ezimbini zeDASO, uMthobisi Mngomezulu noChristopher Logan abasebenzisane ne-EFFSC kunye nePASMA ukuthubelezisa olutshintsho.

UKhakhau uthe olutshintsho alukho semthethweni kwaye beyi-DASO bazakuchasa ngokufaka ityala kwiKomiti Yohlolo loMgaqo-Nkqubo.

UMngomezulu nguMongameli omtsha weBhunga, loxa ilungu lePASMA uMasixole Mlandu enguSekela-Mongameli. Funda apha uluhlu lohlenga-hlengiso lwakutsha nje.

Kuvuleke izikhewu kwizikhundla ezintandathu emva kokuba amalungu amathandathu weDASO engavumanga ukonyulelwa ezi zikhundla.

Funda ngezantsi ileta uKhakhau ayibhalele abafundi.


Cape Town – Karabo Khakhau, whom before last night was the UCT SRC President, has rejected the recent reshuffle alleging that it is unconstitutional and a work of two DASO ‘delinquents’, Mthobisi Mngomezulu and Christopher Logan, working together with the EFFSC and PASMA.

Khakhau alleged that the reshuffle was unconstitutional and they will be laying a complaint with the Constitutional Review Committee.

Mngomezulu is the new SRC President while PASMA member Masixole Mlandu is the new deputy President. See here the full list of changes.

The following portfolios have been left vacant after DASO members rejected nominations.

Read below Khakhau’s letter to the students:

Dear Students,

I hope this mail finds you in good health.

This mail serves as an update on the current SRC developments.

As per the Student Parliament sitting on Wedesday, 14 March 2018, the SRC received a recommendation to have a full portfolio reassignment.

Following the recommendation, the SRC had its weekly standing meetinng tonight. In this meeting the SRC (by majority) voted to accept the recommendation.

Upon the resolution, the SRC then called upon the Speaker of Student Parliament to chair the subsequent session that seeked to direct the proceedings of the reassignment. In this session it was argued that the realization of the resolution cannot happen outside the power and bindings within Chapter 12 of the SRC Constitution. Which states:

122. Portfolio reassignment may occur:

122.1. when mutually agreeing portfolios submit a proposal to the SRC Secretary-General to be tabled at the following general SRC meeting and the proposal is ratified by a twothirds majority of voting SRC members and endorsed by Student Parliament; or

122.2. as a result of a vacancy and such reassignment is supported by two-thirds majority of voting SRC members.

None of the above conditions of the SRC Constitution were exercised.

Furthermore, in this meeting the Speaker argued that he would not be making any constitutional interpretations and that all members who wished to challenge the procedure may do so through the Constitional Committee and Student Governance Court.

Upon this the Speaker then decided to continue with the meeting and have the reassignment as he and the rest of the house argued that the SRC was at that point without portfolio occupation.

The action tonight was in violation of the SRC Constitution.

The DASO-UCT SRC caucus rejects with contempt the illegal reshuffle by the UCT SRC this evening, with the aid of delinquent DASO-UCT members Christoper Logan and Mthobisi Mngomezulu.

Logan and Mngomezulu, despite getting the least number of votes amongst the DASO caucus during the SRC elections, have for a long time terrorized the DASO-UCT caucus and branch in their quest for power, and executive positions. Mngomezulu has always believed he should be SRC President.

Students voted for a DASO-led SRC and have today been given an SRC where PASMA and EFF will be in effective leadership.  Mngomezulu and Logan have for a long time been marionettes in PASMA and EFF’s control for the SRC. PASMA and EFF members have told as much.

Their actions will not go without punishment, or consequence.

We have already submitted a request for disciplinary action by the party, which is currently underway.

We will also submit a complaint to the Constitutional Review Committee as tonight’s acts contravene the SRC Constitution.

I wish to reassure students that DASO is committed  to serving you. We shall continue to fight for your representation and will not allow tonight’s illegal actons to go without a fight.

Yours in leadership

Karabo Khakhau


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