FULL STATEMENT: DASO UCT rejects ‘hostile delinquent SRC takeover’ #UCTSRCReshuffle

DASO-UCT has rejected the recent reshuffle of the UCT SRC. Read below the statement by DASO UCT Chaiperson Neo Mkwane released on Tuesday:

DASO-UCT condemns the hostile takeover of the UCT SRC by delinquents
The Democratic Alliance Student Organisation at UCT strongly condemns the hostile takeover of the UCT SRC by a power-hungry cabal of delinquents.
On the 19thof March 2018, the UCT SRC sat in its weekly standing meeting to consider the recommendation of the Students Parliament to institute a full portfolio reassignment. The recommendation was tabled and passed by a simple majority.
The UCT SRC constitution provides for portfolio reassignments to occur when 1. A written proposal is submitted to the Secretary-General by involved parties, informing him/her of the intention to reassign portfolios and 2. For such a proposal to be tabled before the SRC and accepted by way of a two-thirds majority vote of the SRC members. Both these criteria were not met, thus making the SRC’s decision to reassign irrational and unconstitutional.
DASO-UCT has requested its caucus to write a lengthy and detailed appeal to the Constitutional Committee. We are also seeking internal recourse within the DA against Christopher Logan and Mthobisi Mngomezulu who have consistently served at the pleasure of the EFFSC and PASMA. Furthermore, we are considering all avenues available to us including legal action.
DASO remains the only champion for the plight of students at UCT. We remain a committed and united branch ready to pursue challenges facing students. We call on all our members to remain calm and wait for more information as it comes.
Neo Mkwane
DASO-UCT Branch Chairperson

    source: da.co.za

    One thought on “FULL STATEMENT: DASO UCT rejects ‘hostile delinquent SRC takeover’ #UCTSRCReshuffle

    1. Actually,this is bullshit,how did the reshuffle start if we say after the results came out it’s unconstitutional? DASO should be clear whether it doesn’t like the outcomes of the reshuffle or it doesn’t like the executive committee

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