DA Western Cape suspends UCT SRC President and Treasurer

Cape Town – The Western Cape Provincial Executive of the Democratic Allicance (DA) has suspended two DASO members currently serving in the recently reshuffled UCT SRC.
Mthobisi Mngomezulu and Christopher Logan who currently serve as UCT SRC President and Treasurer General respectively, have been suspended from the DA pending an investigation into the two in what DASO UCT Chairperson, Neo Mkwane, referred to as ‘serious allegations of misconduct’.
While Mkwane did not get into the specifics of the allegations of misconduct, it is widely believed that Mngomezulu and Logan collaborated with members of the EFFSC and PASMA within the SRC to score themselves seats in the executive which left six DASO members without portfolios after they rejected nominations for other portfolios, which up to now remain vacant.
DASO then appealed the constitutionality of the reshuffle arguing that the reshuffle had failed to adhere with Chapter 12 of the SRC Constitution which states that a portfolio reassignment may occur when mutually agreeing portfolios submit a proposal to the SRC secretary general to be tabled at the following general SRC meeting, and the proposal is ratified by a two thirds majority of voting SRC members and endorsed by the student parliament.
In response to an appeal lodged by six disillusioned DASO members in the SRC, the Student Governance Court judged that the SRC reshuffle was constitutionally valid, even though it did not meet the two thirds majority prescribed in Chapter 12, because the reshuffle was mandated by a two thirds majority of the Student Parliament.

Read below the full statement by DASO UCT Chairperson Neo Mkwane: 
DASO-UCT notes the decision by the Western Cape Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the DA to suspend Christopher Logan and Mthobisi Mngomezulu from DASO, pending the conclusion of an investigation against the two.
The PEC’s decision follows serious allegations of misconduct leveled against Mngomezulu and Logan.
In order to allow for a thorough investigation of the allegations, the two have been suspended.
The suspension means that they are not allowed to participate in DASO or its activities and their actions within the UCT-SRC are not to be viewed as those of DASO or sanctioned by the organisation.
In respect of the investigative process, and in the interest of fairness, we will not speculate on the outcome nor discuss the merit of the investigation or possible disciplinary action against the two.
We will await the outcome of the process and in the meantime continue to serve the students of UCT.
Neo Mkwane

    source: da.co.za

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