DASO UCT attacks Student Governance Court

Cape Town – The Democratic Alliance Student’s Organisation (DASO) has come out guns blazing denouncing the Student Governance Court (SGC) guilty verdict against former SRC President Karabo Khakhau.

The former president was found to have defamed student leaders, current UCT SRC President and Treasurer General respectively, Mthobisi Mngomezulu and Christopher Logan, after sending a mass email rejecting the SRC reshuffle that occurred on 19 March resulting in massive changes that affected six members of the DASO UCT faction.

The SGC also found that Khakhau’s actions had brought the SRC into disrepute and ordered her to write letters of apology to Mngomezulu and Logan, who are on the opposite faction within the DASO SRC caucus.

DASO UCT has indicated that it will appeal the ruling by the SGC but came out guns blazing against judges of the SGC who presided over the matter in what could be seen as an attack on the student judiciary. DASO UCT alleges that the court is comprised of individuals that have publicly voiced anti-DASO opinions and that it came as no surprise that the court ruled against the DASO six.

The accusations of were found to be without substance by the judges concerned claiming that while some of the judges have previously voiced sentiments about DASO, they were not in any way related to the matter at hand. The judges held the view that since the matter was between opposing DASO members, claims of bias were unfounded.

The SGC was not available for comment on the latest statement by DASO.
Read the statement below:

DASO-UCT Official Statement by Neo Mkwane, Chairperson
25 April 2018
The SGC is a biased kangaroo court
DASO-UCT condemns accusations parroted by some campus media that DASO SRC Caucus Leader, Ms. Karabo Khakhau is guilty of “abusing SRC resources.”
This follows a case brought before the Students Governance Court (SGC) against Ms. Khakhau by suspended DASO-UCT members Christopher Logan and Mthobisi Mngomezulu alleging that Ms. Khakhau’s use of the SRC’s mass email platform constituted an act of misconduct.
Both Logan and Mthobisi are currently subject to an internal DA investigation and their actions cannot be viewed as those of DASO and both have, in fact, firmly nailed their colours to the EFF and PASMA’s mast since the beginning of their term.
It therefore came as no surprise that the SGC, a body filled with individuals who have publicly expressed their contempt for DASO, ruled in favour of Mngomezulu and Logan.
The SGC has repeatedly, without legal grounds, ruled against DASO, and we unequivocally reject their latest ruling and will be appealing it to a body that will hopefully, respect and will apply the law fairly and impartially.
DASO-UCT remains entrenched in the values of freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity.
We are of the view that these values can only be realised if judicial bodies within the university space protect students, uphold the law and do not merely serve to silence those who disagree with populist voices on campus.
The SGC and similar bodies must always side with the truth and justice, and it is for this reason we will pursue this matter, on principle.
We remain committed to championing the rights of students.
All our SRC members are available and remain hard at work fighting for all students.
Media Enquires:
Neo Mkwane – Chairperson
Jordan Seligmann – Deputy Chairperson in Administration

    source: da.co.za

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