DASO UCT chair resigns

Cape Town- DASO UCT Chairman, Neo Mkwane, has resigned from his position in order to focus on his work as provincial chairman of the student organization.

Read the full DASO UCT statement below:

DASO-UCT Official Statement by Jordan Seligmann, Deputy Chairperson in Administration
Date: 20 May 2018
RE: DASO-UCT Chairperson Resigns, Executive appoints Interim Chair.
Release: Immediate
The Democratic Alliance Student Organisation at UCT announces the resignation of Neo Mkwane from the position of Chairperson at the branch.
Mr. Mkwane resigned on the 09th of May 2018 citing “I believe this is the appropriate time for me to resign as the Chairperson of DASO-UCT. As the newly elected Chairperson of DASO-Western Cape, It is fitting that I provide my undivided attention to the constituency and I cannot do that while holding the position of DASO-UCT Chair as this would not only be a conflict of interest but an overload of duties that will negatively affect my ability to serve effectively.”
In light of this vacancy and taking into account the suspension of Christopher Logan and Mthobisi Mngomezulu, the DASO-Western Cape Executive Committee decided to intervene in the branch in terms of section 3.14.2 and in particular, of the DA Federal Constitution.
In a branch meeting on the 09th of May 2018, Mr. Gift Qetu-Yates was elected Interim Chairperson of DASO-UCT and will assume the position effective immediately.
He takes the baton from Mr. Mkwane with a committed committee that strives to implement the DA’s do-values on campus. Mr. Qetu-Yates is currently serving in the SRC as part of the DASO-UCT caucus. He was also a branch executive member co-opted by Mr. Mkwane’s executive.
DASO remains the champion of students at UCT. Our commitment to serve continues unabated and we are looking forward to ensuring all students have an exceptional student experience. Ultimately, we will leave no student left behind.
Jordan Seligmann,
DASO-UCT Deputy Chair in Administration

    source: da.co.za

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