Mood for Second Semester

By: Mpumelelo Ngcobo

The beginning of a semester is probably the most exciting and frightening time of an academic time. Promises and goals are made to be better a student, to go to as many classes as you can, make the most of your resources and achieve the marks you know you and your family expect you to.
This time around is different for me. The past three semesters have brought so much strain, anxiety and all this has definitely shot my depression to the roof. It’s nerve wrecking knowing that although you’re promising yourself to be a different person that it’s probably not going to be that.
Sometimes it is hard to work and stay focused knowing that besides school, there are so many other responsibilities on your shoulders. It’s okay if you don’t make the most of this semester, just take care of yourself.
As students we never account or acknowledge that before we are students that we are humans, that sometimes it’s hard to function as a student so make sure you’re able to function as a human.
Invest yourself in other things, have hobbies so that you’re a whole human, this also assists academically because you tend to do better and able to handle your schoolwork if you invest your time in multiple things.
Invest yourself in things that make you happy, academics are essential but so is your mental and psychological wellness. Hang around people who you care for and those who care for you. Go on lunch dates and to movies, treat yourself. Love yourself and I can’t stress enough that your well being is important because during the semester we forget to take care of ourselves.
Don’t forget to focus on yourself. Give yourself those off days, sleep in and binge watch your favorite shows. Live your best life.
Academics are important and it is the main reason as to why you are here but don’t forget to take care of yourself as a human. You come first before anything else.

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