UCT lecturer in hot water over comments regarding #MenAreTrash and child abuse

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Cape Town – The University of Cape Town has taken formal steps against Arthur Mabentsela who is a lecturer at the Chemical Engineering Department over comments made over the weekend on social media regarding the #MenAreTrash movement and child abuse.

The post
The university announced this on Tuesday after screenshots that have since gone viral show a Facebook post of the Chemical Engineering lecture making disparaging and sexist remarks regarding #MenAreTrashMovement in which he appeared to distance himself from the blame attached to men for the pernicious scourge of gender based violence.
    source: the citizen
    Mabentsela apportioned trashiness to men found in iziloti (slang for sheebeen), and exonerates university male students as real men who are busy with their futures. Further down the post Mabentsela slut shames women with multiple partners and infers that one cannot call out men when their ‘box is a freestyle’ available to everyone.
    Mabentsela continued his views in the comments section and made even more damning remarks when he justified sexual violence and murderous thoughts as a consequence of depression.
      source: the citizen
      UCT responds
      Describing his comments as “grave, unacceptable and disturbing”, UCT has taken formal steps against the lecturer. The university said that since it was made aware of the post, the executive had met with the lecturer followed by a pre-suspension hearing.
      “We have introduced due process to look into the matter and we will ensure the matter is properly investigated and dealt with. The content of the post is grave, unacceptable and disturbing, and completely out of alignment with UCT values. It is completely understandable that the post has upset people, leading to reactions of pain and offence. This is most regrettable”, said the statement.
      Mabentsela has refused to comment about his remarks but has denied meeting with the UCT executive claiming that he had only met with his Head of Department.

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