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A fashion show with a difference!

Qhamani Dapo

Look out Cape Town, local fashion is back with a bang. The University of the Western Cape (UWC), partnering with Wear SA, Planet Productions and others, will be hosting the Awear SA Fashion Show this Saturday, on September 1. Students will get a chance to dress up and knock out, but Awear SA is way more than that.

For the past few weeks, UWC students have been working with experienced members of Wear SA and Planet Productions, to teach them how to produce a successful fashion show. Karen Burt from Planet Productions spoke about the necessity of the show saying that one of the objectives is to upskill university youth and give them an entrepreneurial mindset by equipping them with an array of skills and opportunities they can’t get ‘in the classroom or the boardroom’.’ Also, creating a voice behind the cause to drive South Africans to buy locally, thus aiding job creation.

From the students’ perspective, this is exciting. For those involved, this has been an exciting and lesson filled journey. Corban, involved in the entertainment, spoke about how the up-skilling and mentorship made her feel. Clearly passionate about the project, she expressed how the experience is making her realise that she is “way more than what she thinks she is”.

In addition, Corban mentioned how it was a pleasure to work with people that were as enthusiastic as she was. “It makes our job much easier, because then everyone is into it as much as you are.” Of course, this being a project that’s completely run by students, enthusiasm is a key factor as everyone is still occupied with their academics, but still willingly make time for the production.

From a spectator’s point of view, the students are enjoying the activations and other activities that are part of the build up to the main event at UWC’s Main Hall at 18:00 on September 1. With a competition running, familiar faces and gorgeous models, interest is at it’s peak. Some of us just can’t wait for Saturday.

Beware to not miss out, stay Awear and find @AwearSA on social media for more information.


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