By: Qhamani Dapo
Cape Town – It’s election season at the University of the Western Cape! Students are buzzing, some keen to see what their organization’s have planned for their manifestos, some are looking forward to being deployed or seeing who’s deployed, and some (like myself) are crossing fingers, salivating for the drama and the singing.

Well, last night was no disappointment. The SASCO led Central Housing Committee had the first AGM for its structure after 4 years of without one. On the agenda was a discussion and a draft for the first CHC constitution. This was supposed to be a milestone, a progressive move towards improving student housing.
But as the CHC Chairperson, Kukhanya Mali, was delivering his report, PASMA made a grand entrance, one that could be heard a long while before it reached the ResLife Centre, where the AGM was held. In true PASMA style, they entered the meeting, loudly disrupting it with back to back songs. SASCO supporters attempted to put up a fight as the CHC chairperson was continuing with his report but PASMA was too loud and this quickly became futile. Refusing to be engaged, PASMA continued singing, dancing and having the best time of their lives in large numbers and succeeded in collapsing the AGM.
The group carried on and left the venue to sing outside. Hardly disgruntled, the CHC chairperson continued addressing the audience, and at his request, SASCO continued the evening in relatively high spirits going door to door, inviting students in residences to come to their Heritage Day celebrations held on Saturday.
PASMA chairperson, Siyanda Msongelo, said the reason for the disruption, was that they believed the AGM was SASCO’s method to confuse the students. He said the CHC failed to deliver a constitution as they promised, at the beginning of the term, and with their term being over, and having failed in previous attempts where PASMA came and engaged co-cooperatively, this was now not an attempt to achieve but an attempt to get students to think that the SASCO CHC term was successful, which PASMA strongly opposes. “We will not allow them a platform to confuse the students, especially during election season! That was just SASCO trying to project themselves,” said Msongelwa.
SASCO ended the evening looking very confident and unbothered by the night’s events. Mali had yet to comment at the time of publishing.

    source: Research Gate

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