EFFSC wins UCT SRC elections

Cape Town – The Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFFSC) has won the UCT SRC 2018/19 elections.
The red berets managed to secure a 51% victory as all its candidates managed to each get a seat in the fifteen member council. The party had fielded eight candidates.
The South African Student’s Congress (SASCO) made its way back to student governance by securing two seats while independent candidates also managed to secure just two.
The biggest loser in this election was the Democratic Alliance Student Organization (DASO) who have lost the majority theY currently enjoy in the outgoing SRC. The party managed a paltry three seats. The 2017/18 SRC where the party enjoyed a majority of 60%, and later reduced to 51% due to a member’s resignation, was plagued by infighting and leadership squabbles resulting in change of leadership as Karabo Khakhau was replaced by her fellow party member Mthobisi Mngomezulu who was in an opposing faction.

    source: Twitter

    EFFSC Chairperson and the candidate with the most votes, Asanda Lobelo, said that the organization was very excited to prove itself to the student populace.
    “The EFFSC is very thankful to UCT students for the opportunity to firstly bring back integrity to the SRC and bring back hard work. Having the majority assists us in that because we always have the best interests of students at heart”, said Lobelo.
    “even though our majority is only 51%, it enables us to not be held hostage when they have ulterior political motives. Even though our majority is only 51%, it enables us to not be held hostage when they have ulterior political motives. I have the utmost faith in our candidates because we have experience in working in diverse teams,” remarked Lobelo.
    The UCT victory by the EFFSC follows a landslide victory by the organization at CPUT’s Mowbray Campus where they gained a 100% victory crushing SASCO.
    Results from the Bellville and Cape Town campuses are expected to trickle in after slight delays in the voters roll. On Monday afternoon CPUT spokesperson Lauren Kansley said that elections were set to continue following after the Independent Electoral Commission had given the green light to all processes.
    Voting at UWC is expected to take place between 09 and 10 October.


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