An Open Letter to Solly Mapaila

By: Xola Tyamzashe

Dear Solly Mapaila
It is Amilcar Cabral that taught us to hide nothing from the masses of our people, to tell no lies and expose lies whenever they are told to mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures and lastly claim no easy victories.
Calling you a comrade would be the worst insult to comrades internationally, more particularly because of the alliance your organization, the South African Communist Party (SACP), has with the South Africa’s capitalist inclined ruling party, who have made it their mission to maintain white supremacy and subjugate Africans through their protection of the property clause in the constitution. It is also strange that you are quiet on the ill-gotten wealth of many of your comrades in the tri-partite alliance.
Your SACP’s silence is deafening on the accelerating plundering of state coffers by the fat-cat corrupt caste of aspirant comprador and co-opted labour aristocracts thereby promoting the pervasive culture of greed as can be seen in the numerous commissions currently taking place. What kind of a communist party are you when the interests of the workers in particular and the masses in general are the least of your priorities? One needs not look any further than the apartheid style post 1994 daylight massacres of African workers in Marikana, De Doorns, Bekkersdal? Where was your voice when it mattered most as communists, for Andries Tatane who was also shot in broad daylight by your blood thirsty government? It is indeed clear that you joined forces with a supremacist capitalist party and with your ill-gotten wealth funded the mission to fragment the authentic revolutionary left.
An Idiots Guide to Basic Communism is perhaps the best book I can prescribe for you. You are an antithesis of everything communism stands for. Yours and your organization’s deafening silence on the thirty-four daylight massacred Marikana miners has not gone unnoticed and history never forgets.
I must admit that since 21 March 2016, Power FM show, hosted by Ms Masechaba Lekalake, on Sharpville/Langa Day, which honoured freedom stalwarts, in which we were both panelists where you mumbled something about how the PAC had hijacked an ANC Programme referring to the 1960 anti-pass campaign, I have followed your utterances and am now convinced that in you the SACP is unfortunate in their choice of a leader. I first realized on that day we were on the show how powerful you were as you threatened to shut down the show and true to your threat that was the last time the show was aired. This history rewriting tactic of yours was rubbished by the callers with some requesting that you go get your facts right, hence my offer for the aforementioned book.
Going through your remarks about Sobukwe I am somewhat convinced that the failed Charterist mission and agenda of the 60’s and 70’s of attempting to destroy and discredit Sobukwe’s mission and vision continues sixty years on. It could only take a Sobukwe to enlighten and educate an entire generation of thinkers, and Sobukwes come once in a lifetime.
You actually had an opportunity to mingle with your ex-apartheid ministers, comrades, who had joined the ANC, like apartheid’s longest serving Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pik Botha and you missed out on an opportunity to learn as to why Sobukwe was separated from all the other prisoners at the island, what you referred to as ‘preferential’ treatment. In Sobukwe we are talking about a political heavyweight, who brought the apartheid regime to its knees on that historic day of 21 March 1960, without whom the struggle in this would have been delayed by at least a decade if not more. The country has literally gone to the dogs, and the ruling party whom the SACP is in an alliance with and all you can think of is discrediting Sobukwe. Perhaps in your busy schedule of misleading the workers, you could find time to read Sobukwe’s Speeches, you’d realize that there you’ll find solutions to all the problems of this country, pre, during and post the 1994 sellout agenda.
There are many historical facts that you and your co-propagandists cannot wish away about Sobukwe and the PAC, in your efforts of rewriting history and claiming victories for battles you never fought. Sobukwe and the PAC’s Status Campaign and Positive Action Campaign of which the 1960 anti-pass campaign was part of directly led to the banning of political parties by the racist apartheid regime an act that gave birth to the armed struggle.
What I find somewhat strange is that on an ANC/SACP event to celebrate the latecomers to the revolution, Rivonia Trialists, you Mr Mapaila focused on diminishing Sobukwe’s contribution to the struggle for land in this country, a mission that still has to be achieved. Contrary to whatever informed your unfounded fable, there would never have been an armed struggle at the time it started in this country had it not been for Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe declaration of war on the apartheid government and white supremacy in its totality.
Typical of the sheep in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, who echoed the pigs’ slogan of two legs bad, four legs good, you have mastered the art of parroting the Slovo’s, Turoks and Bernsteins, who authored the so called Freedom Charter, the document that sold out the ANC’s 1949 Programme of Action that happened to be masterminded by none other than Mangaliso Sobukwe himself. The Jews whom all three happened to have every reason to hate Prof, as Sobukwe was known, with every drop of blood in their veins for what he stood for.
Sobukwe’s rightful calling of South Africa’s communists as quacks or intellectual communists that talk left and walk right remains true to date and one has to look no further than the former IFP’s Blade Ndzimande, well-read on communist theory and literature, who can recite it back at great length, but materially would never come down to the level of the workers.
Perhaps your fellow comrades can educate you better on the real stories of Robben Island. Your submission Mr Mapaila is not only erroneous, misplaced and a crystal misrepresentation of who Sobukwe was and what he stood for but it is also mischievous.
I initially wanted to agree with those that said perhaps you should be forgiven for your ignorance but have always known that is not just plain ignorance but a mission. Being ignorant about how Sobukwe got to stay in what was initially a dog kennel is understandable but your allegation that he was favoured by the racist regime when there were certain celebrity prisoners who were regularly smuggled out of prison after lockup and brought back in the morning, lest we forget. The real truth is out there. As far as I am concerned, with all due respects, I see you as nothing but an attention seeker, who is trying his utmost best of remaining relevant, who needs a few hugs.
Yours for the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
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