“Ityala Labo Linzima!” 

By: Mmakatleho waMphutlane
The season to sell dreams, to appropriate our sentiments just to send us back to landlessness and dehumanization is coming to an end. This year’s elections fever has been another repeat of populist leaders coming out to play, as an adherent of Black Consciousness and Pan African-ism, I will not vote!

The negotiated settlement, that is the ANC neo-colonial vision of democracy, is a ploy to further dehumanize black people, in that it that seeks to continue the legacy of colonialism and to distract black people from acquiring freedom. Black people did not lose their lives for a pseudo-political freedom, we did not sign up to have white people call us racist when they are the ones swimming in privilege acquired from spilling the blood of our fore-bearers. Under the ANC government, our people continue to settle for breadcrumbs: RDP houses, poor healthcare, basic and higher mis-education. The ANC government therefore represents the Judas Iscariot to black liberation politics, they have betrayed black people and have left them to be consumed by white savages who masquerade as being accountable and populists who want us to occupy unoccupied land!

The question to ask is: who will lead us, who will not use our poverty to betray us and who will shine the light on our path to UHURU?
The revolutionary ideologies of Pan African-ism, Black Consciousness and African Feminism/Woman-ism have helped shaped the aspirations and dreams that black activists have about Africa. The movements that have helped black people in Occupied Azania such as the PAC and BCM continue to face monsters that have demoralized black folk from supporting them: leadership quarrels that result in factionalism, state repression from Apartheid forces and the ANC government, the inability to contextualize their ideology and to remind black people that it is not yet uhuru. These ideologies remain relevant as long as black people are still considered foreigners in Africa, they are relevant because white supremacists continue to rob Africa, these ideas are relevant because black-on-black violence disguised as homophobia, femicide, open markets that promote BBEEE etc. is still robbing black folk of their dignity. The movements that therefore have abandoned their objective of propelling black folk towards self determination, towards having self-pride and restoring Africa to their dignity are our only hope!

When the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania was formed in 1959, its mandate was: to rally and unite the African masses into one under the banner of African Nationalism; to overthrow white domination as well as to implement and maintain self-determination; to establish an Africanist Democratic Society that would recognize the material needs and interests of the people; to promote the education, cultural and economic advancement of the people and to promote the unity of the Afrikan continent through the formation of a United States of Afrika, a mission that was carried by the OAU that was later suppressed into being the African Union which is failing dismally.

The African Union cannot intervene when Mozambique is going through an environmental crisis, Afrikan countries continue to rely on foreign aid when there is such a body. Anyhow, the PAC and its contemporary: BCM have always had the interests of black African people in mind. The question becomes can they govern well under neo-colonialism; the obvious answer is no! The BC/PA block has the responsibility to make our people realize that neocolonialism can never breed liberation, we cannot be free when we are being led by leaders who hide their aspirations of being white behind their black skin. Leaders who refuse to acknowledge that we are oppressed because of our blackness, our class and gender.

Black people need a government that is going to help them realize the revolutionary objectives of Pan Africanism, Black Consciousness and African Feminism.

We need a government that will prioritize those that are oppressed, those that have been relegated to being the lesser species of the world and those that continue to stripped of their dignity – black people. If these ideologies were to inform what black governance would look like, then the BC/PA block needs to stop wasting our time. The debates around whether our struggle should take a classist or nationalist approach must be progressive, we must be able to recognize that the time has come for us to recognize that organizations like the DA are waiving policies in our faces while they are oblivious to the black-white power relations, the EFF is going to govern despite having a contradiction ridden perspective on what black people want. Black people do not deserve leaders who reduce the land question to issues of ownership; white people do own this land therefore black people must not be fooled with this rhetoric of expropriating land because the EFF wants to avoid repossessing our land.

We do not want land councils that will be made up of judges who were trained in Roman Dutch law: that seeks to serve whites with justice and through courts that continue to fail black people, courts that fail black queer people day in and day out. Black people do not deserve to occupy land that is in the periphery, land that cannot sustain them because white people “own‟ the cities and majority of the farming land in occupied Azania. We cannot continue to occupy land under the leadership of people who want a seat at the dining table of neo-colonialists, black people do not just want houses, the land cannot just be reduced to settlement. We will not be led by a movement that is governed by rape apologists, by people who claims to condemn gender based violence but are misogynists and perpetrators of abuse.

We are tired of the EFF‟s contradictions, BC/PA adherents who are members of the EFF must admit that they value party politics so much that they are willing to sell watered down versions of liberation to our people.

Black people are their only hope of defeating white supremacy, we do not want to continue living in a “criminal settler colony, a multi-quadrillion business enterprise that thrives on the ignorance of the indigenous Afrikans”, as Mwalimu Ras Moziah Garvey teaches us. The BC/PA artists, writers, historians, entrepreneurs and every other black person who realizes that the fight against colonialism still wages on, owe it to black people all over Afrika and abroad to continue the fight. We are waiting for Afrikan teachers to draft a decolonized curriculum, we are waiting for the government that will take over the education system and collapse the tradition of schools being the place where the black youth go to be trained in ignorance, we are tired of schools that continue to reduce intellect to scientific thought. We are waiting for leaders who will “shine the light onto our path” and we shall follow. We are tired of voting for governments that will continue to strip us naked and further dehumanize us.

We do not want a government that cannot stand up for its people, Caster Semenya had to be supported by a bunch of blood suckers who continue to exploit the indigenous people all over the world.

South Africa is not democratic, the objectives 1949 programme of action that was drafted by members of the ANCYL Victoria East Branch under the leadership of Robert Sobukwe, which was meant to pave the way towards the liberation of Afrikans, have still not met. The BC/PA comrades must quit derailing us. The majority youth of this country do not vote because they recognize that the elections are a trap.

We are still not free even though the ballot exists, even though we are in a multi-party state with the most revolutionary constitution. The black women and children of this country, the queer people, those that are disabled continue to live in the margins.

“94‟ changed fokkol”
“We remain powerless: matla kea makgowa, matswantle”
“We reject the Freedom Cheater”
“South Africa shall die. Azania shall be born.”
Lefatshe la rona! Ke Afrika!
Black Love! 

    Mmakatleho waMphutlane is a black writer and activist. A literature enthusiast, a lover of music and a devotee to the wonderful black art of the world. A drop-out from the University of the Witwatersrand. Educating people is her mantra, she believes that the black youth deserves free decolonized education. The writer believes that love is the answer to all the questions, if only love, for black folk all over the world, was the force driving black activists to strive for a better future for black people.
    **Graphics added by Refentse Thathe.

      source: sa history online

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