Statement: BPNCC Rejects the Criminalisation of the Homeless!

Issued by the Black People National Crisis Committee (BPNCC)

BPNCC Rejects the Criminalization of the Homeless!
Black Peoples National Crisis Committee (BPNCC) rejects the City of Cape Town’s decision to fine the poor because they are homeless. The imposed bylaws sees homeless people fined simply because they sleep on benches and sidewalks in the city.

This is a draconian apartheid inspired law which is written to ensure that the poor majority black people are essentially pushed out of the city center so as to keep them in townships and thus facing the further brutality of Apartheid spatial planning.

The Democratic Alliance led City of Cape Town has simply failed to play its role in the eradication of poverty and equally to ensure that there are enough shelters to insulate the poor from the violence of homelessness. They refuse to build housing for poor in the city or to return the land that remains in the hands of land thieves to the black majority.

In response to the cities coordinated attack under the leadership of JP Smith on the homeless, BPNCC will lay a formal complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), write to Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola calling for his direct intervention in this grotesque assault on the poor, and engage in 24hr rolling pickets. The following action will take place on Monday, 8 June 2019:

  • #WeStandWithTheHomeless march, commencing at Parliament of SA, 12midday
  • Submission of Complaint to SAHRC (132 Adderley St, Cape Town) at 15h00pm
  • Submission of letter to Minister Lamola (Parliament of South Africa) at 15h45pm
  • Press Conference outside Parliamentary precinct at 16h00pm

Tata Nelson Mandela, a proponent of the Freedom Charter continuously reminded the nation that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white”, and it is in this spirit that BPNCC asks the nation, does SA not belong to the black poor? Is Cape Town for white wealthy men only?

Standing with the poor as we approach #MandelaDay on 18 July 2019, BPNCC calls on all South Africans to join the pickets and/or donate blankets, warm clothes and non-perishable foods between 05 – 18 July 2019.

Drop off: Central Methodist Church (51 Longmarket St, Cape Town)
Media & other enquiries: Ncedisa Mpemnyama – 073 386 1541, Wandile Kasibe – 072 870 8966 and Phurah Jack – 072 361 7619.
#WeStandWithTheHomeless #ShelterForAll #JPSmithMustGo

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