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POEM: “The Wilful Exile” by Taariq Amod

The Wilful Exile:

I left the Yellow city too early, the Green country for good

But left with an optimism, that died faster than my ego could


Confronted by worldly views and a clash of east and west

I tried to process my allegiances and my appearances, I tried my best


But this fake desert city had thrown a mirage over my eyes, sunglasses as black as oil

Gargantuan skyscrapers, casting a shadow over the nightlife and beaches, while the rest of the city boils


Conversations became repetitive, and ignorance became an irritation

I yearned to leave this unfriendly place, devoid of humanity and imagination


I come from a continent not a country they said, the pride of my nationhood was repeatedly humiliated

Is this how the world views our home, a child with scars, self-mutilated?


Gone were the days of fearless protest, at Ivory towers, against injustice and tyranny

Now all it took to be behind bars was a WhatsApp text with the slightest reference of profanity


Yearning has become a longing and whimsical thinking has become wishful thinking

If has finally become when, I am almost there, but what will I find on arriving


My exile and travels have distorted my view for good and for bad

But now I always wonder…will I ever go back to the person I was before I went mad.



Taariq Amod is the CEO and founder of Vernac News NPC, and currently resides in Johannesburg. He enjoys political and artistic types of media in written forms such as poetry and critical thinking articles and visual forms through paintings, memes and thought-provoking vlogs.


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