JUST IN: Letter from UCT Christian students society WMS, dispelling sex trafficking rumors- “we are no way associated with any form of criminal activities”

Submitted by Lesedi Mokgautsi.  

Read the full letter below:

The World Mission Society (WMS) is a society on campus established by university students from the World Mission Society Church of God. We are a Christian society that has two divisions (Bible Study and Volunteer Activities). We have been a part of the UCT community for almost 10 years and have carried about various activities on and off-campus with the hope to deliver the love of a mother to our community.

Please allow me to introduce one of the activities of the World Mission Society Church of God students on campus. The World Mission Society Church of God has a university student volunteer organisation called ASEZ. ASEZ carries out a global campaign for crime reduction. Through the campaign, our students have various education forums and seminars and conduct practical activities such as the Mothers street clean-up campaign and activities for observing public order. The students also try to build crime prevention networks with educational institutions, central and local governments and international organisations as well. Students of the World Mission Society have carried out various community uplifting campaigns in various places in Cape Town.

Recently there have been malicious rumours circulating on social media (including informal UCT associated social media pages), these rumours are linking us to sex trafficking. It appears the rumour surfaced at Stellenbosch University and an article concerning this was published on their online newspaper, this article has been spread to various university across the nation causing panic and hysteria among students. These rumours are not true, we are in no way associated with any form of criminal activities, in fact, we condemn all form of criminal activities. We also recently launched a campaign called “Reduce Crime Together” to help tackle criminal activities within our communities throughout the whole world.

A few years ago, these rumours appeared in the United States on university campuses and were proven false by police officials and all media outlets that reported on this false rumour retracted their statements and issued apologies to our Church.

As members of the UCT community, these rumours have emotionally scarred many members and we feel that our freedom of religion has been infringed upon. Also, we are being viewed as a dangerous organisation and we fear that our safety has been put at risk as some people may want to take into their own hands. However, as mentioned before we are not a dangerous organisation, simply students who are very passionate and proactive in carrying out activities that will positively impact society.


For more information about ASEZ you can follow the link and/or view the video below ⇓ 


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  1. What I like about this whole false rumour scheme is the fact that even those who are against our church, are spreading the word about us unkowingly. The Church of God is the best church in the whole world, we pray for all people of the world every day, and what the world doesn’t know is that we are doing so with earnestness following the example of our Father and Mother. We take care of the environment by cleaning it as if it was our own backyard with a beautifu smile. There is a saying that goes “if you can’t beat them join them” come join the best team in the whole universe and do what pleases God. And by the way I work for the 👮 and not a student. Stop lying and making other people’s life’s difficult by intimidating, invading their innocent lives, with some ill critics. God is Love 🤗

  2. I was so sad to hear about the false rumors people are spreading about the church of God.. Never in my life have I seen people who are so dedicated to spreading the word and God and trying so much to make the world a better place through voluntary work..
    There so many people who attending the church and people who have visited the church non of them have experienced any of the rumors people are spreading.
    It’s so sad that people are even admitting that the rumors are false but their still spreading the lie anyway..
    How can we say we love God if we say such horrible things about people who do the work of God???

  3. I am glad that the misunderstanding about the WMS HAS been addressed. The is no such a thing about Human trafficking all lies, we will continue to share the good news and give hope to our brothers and sisters

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