Brenda Nokuzola Fassie: A Tribute [EVENT]

1981. At the beginning of what would be a politically charged and tumultuous decade, 16 year old Nokuzola Brenda Fassie moves to Joburg.
One Sabata Koloi Lebona, musical doyen-producer-songwriter, visits ‘MaBrrr’ in her Langa home and she relocates to Soweto in order to pursue a career (read calling) in music.

She joins an all womxn vocal group called ‘Joy’ and then later the legendary band ‘Brenda and the Big Dudes’, where their debut maxi-single, Weekend Special, became massive and anthemic.

MaBrrr’s life, a Black life in the hold and tight grip of white supremacy, became a vignette of township life; with all the contradictions and (im)possibilities of being (a) Black (womxn) in South Africa.

2019. Musician artist songwriter producer Nkosi X (Free Tape, Unplanned Tape) put together a tribute show for Cape Town-born Mam’ Brenda Fassie, who would’ve turned 55 years of age in a few weeks.

The show will be composed of a few songs created by the artist as a form of paying homage to the legendary musician (supplemented by his large catalogue and punctuated by a MaBrrr audio documentary produced by hyphenated and multidimensional artist/creative Vusumzi Nkomo).

The show is created to probe MaBrrr’s  place in the pantheon of Africa’s creative luminaries and geniuses, and politically astute individuals whose life-career is symbolic of what it means to constantly reflect the times and rhythms of your people, and serve them with distinction, against all odds.

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The show will be on Thursday, the 24th of October, at the beautiful and intimate eatery, NOMAD Bistro & Bar in Cape Town. Tickets are R70 and will be available at the door. 

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