Vanimax Comix: Local Free online comic site disrupting the comic world in a uniquely African way.

1.What or who inspired Vanimax Comix? Is it based on real people or purely fiction and why the name “Vanimax”?
A: Vanimax Comix was inspired by the 1981 Mark Of The Cobra storyboard that was based on the book published by Macmillan. The stories are based on the African stories that have been buried with history. Our stories have a blend of facts (real people, real historical events) and fiction.
The phrase “Vanimax” is an acronym that stands for “Venture, animation, Movies And Xclusive Comics”

2.Who is the primary target market for the series?
A: The comics are for anybody who loves a good story. Our target market is generally young people but our stories can appeal to all ages.

3.I noticed that there are multiple ongoing stories. How many are there currently and what was the reason to split the series into different stories?
A: We currently have 4  running stories; The Jack Ebony BW*, The Super South Africa BW, The Anima Angels BW and The Moonlight BW.
It wasn’t necessarily a decision to “split up” the stories. Each story is written, illustrated and created by different creators. For example; Jack Ebony by Mr. Vanlentino Alily, Super South Africa by David Alily, Amina Angels by Vanessa Alily and Moonlight By Christabelle Alily.

4.What themes do each story explore besides the fact that the stories are being told from an African point of view?
A: The themes of our stories explore; Unity, The Spirit of Ubuntu, the political and economic issues of African countries, the historical, spiritual and dynamism of the African heritage.


    5.How long has it been running and who publishes it and draws the artwork?
    A: Vanimax Comix has been running since 2010 and our stories, character’s and illustrations are created in house by a team known as The Alily Coalition. Our comics are published by Vanimax Comix, an online publishing platform.

    6.What has the current feedback been like since its release?
    A: Since the release of our black and white series, we’ve had exceptional feedback from our audience and the media. These include, our invite to the Lionesses of Africa Lean In 2019 event where we presented the Vanimax Comix Brand to a room full of female entrepreneurs and industry leaders. We were also featured on CGTN’s Grassroots segment where we were interviewed on our Vanimax Comix characters and the Vanimax Comix story. We also have been featured on various online publications as well.

    7.What is your vision for this comic book series? Are you planning on launching it in other countries online?
    A: Our Vision is for Vanimax Comix to be a global brand that tells authentic, thought provoking and relatable stories. It is published online and goes viral globally on our various social media handles.

    8. How much does it cost or how much is the subscription fee? Or if a free publication, who sponsors or contributes towards the series?
    A: Yes, currently our comics are free on our Social Media platforms and we have no external sponsors as everything is done in house.

    9.Why do you think there is a lack of African based comics or rather what are the obstacles facing young African story writers trying to get their stories published?
    A: Most African educational systems are more STEM focused than Arts and Creativity Focused therefore few students have the opportunity to study graphics or art at the rudimentary level.
    Also there are very few companies that invest in creative and art therefore opportunities in these sectors are rare.

    10. If any member of the public wishes to join or contribute content to the comic series how can they get in touch with you?
    A: They can get in touch with us through our social media platforms;
    Instagram: @vanimaxcomix
    Facebook: Vanimax Comix
    *BW: Black and White

    Vanimax Collage

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