Wits University students sleeping in libraries and computer laboratories

Witwatersrand University students were protesting against lack of accommodation at the university, this comes after a video of students sleeping in the library and computer laboratories circulated on social media. The shutdown has also erupted the Parktown campuses. Students  blockaded entrances to both the education and medical campus. This has also affected people trying to go to Charlotte Maxeke hospital.

Student Representative Council (SRC)  President Thuto Gabaphethe said it is not fair for us to continue as though it is a business  as usual while our fellow students are sleeping in libraries and computer labs.

“ We are calling on the institution to mobilise  resources to create more accommodations for students, 200 students had been left without accommodation at the institution”.

Wits University’s Student Representative Council called on the university to help raise funds via the public and private sectors for students without accommodation.

Student marched to Solomon Mahlangu House and demanded the university management to come down and address them.

 Wits vice chancellor Professor Andrew Crouch said that  the university was not in a position to provide a bed to each and every student registered at the university. “We do not have 34,000 beds for students to be accommodated. We have under 7,000 beds which the university has under its management”.

“ We have 50 beds that are already available from the emergency part and we’ve identified students that were on the list, including the ones that are sleeping in computer labs and laboratories. As we speak, those students are being allocated”.

“One student, one bed. We want to touch the nerve of government. We want accommodation for those students who did not have accommodation” said Gabaphethe.

Classes were disrupted by protesting students.

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