SASSA advises beneficiaries to avoid collecting their grants on the first day of payment

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) urges beneficiaries to avoid collecting their grants on the first day of payment due to the high pedestrian traffic at shopping malls and other outlets. Once SASSA has paid money into a beneficiary’s account the money will stay there and it can be accessed at any day of the month instead of visiting outlets which is considered a health risk as the country’s confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 202.

The organisation and SAPO will ensure that the number of clients being serviced at a time does not exceed the national set number of 100 people.

Additional cash dispensers will be used to ensure that there is no overcrowding around one or two dispensers at cash paypoints and post offices. This will increase the speed of serving clients to ensure that they do not spend a long time at payment facilities and it will also give SASSA the opportunity to interact with their clients and encourage them to consider other alternatives to access their money, such as banks which are convenient.

The same space at local offices will be given at cash paypoints. Priority would be given to the elderly, frail, people with disabilities, mothers with children as well as pregnant women. SASSA together with SAPO will work closely to implement measures to limit the number of public at post office outlets especially on the first few days of grant payments. Hand sanitisers are available at all post office doors for clients to use before entering the premises.

“Clients are advised not to report to local offices for simple enquiries but to rather call SASSA and SAPO on their toll-free customer care numbers. We also encourage them to utilise our social media platforms. All the above-mentioned channels will be monitored closely to give our clients the best service they require” said SASSA in a statement.

All staff dealing directly with clients will be supplied with all the necessary protective kits to ensure that their health is safeguarded. We urge all South Africans to work together in helping government to contain COVID-19 pandemic; united we stand, but divided we fall.

Photo: SASSA


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