President Ramaphosa visits Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation COVID-19 Command Centre

President Cyril Ramaphosa today visited the Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation COVID-19 Command Centre at Rand Water in Johannesburg to be briefed on the operations of the centre in response to the outbreak.

The Minister of Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu has been tasked with a responsibility of ensuring that there is water for all communities in order to flatten the curve and to stop the spread of the virus. The Command Centre was initiated following the President’s announcement of the country being in a State of National Disaster due to the onset of the coronavirus. The Rand Water has the network of up to 80% of water usage in the country.

“We have procured 400 000 water tanks and these are being distributed. Rand Water has become the nerve centre for monitoring the distribution of water. This has been an important visit to come and see the command centre of water distribution. If we are able to distribute water throughout the country, we should be able to reduce the levels of infections” said Ramaphosa.

“If we had not lockdown South Africa as we have, I can tell you that the infection rate would have been higher than what we have. The lockdown has been an important measure that we have used to save lives and to contain the spread of the pandemic” he said.

Ramaphosa has called on South Africans to take coronavirus seriously and abide by the regulations that have been published by government. There are pockets of people who are still getting on with their lives as if there is no pandemic. This is a serious disease and it’s affecting people throughout the world.

“We are going to be coming up with plans on how to address South African challenges beyond the Covid-19. Right now we are focusing on stopping the spread and deaths as well as flattening the curve” the president added.

Image: SA Gov News

Source: SA Gov News

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