Hold On

When all the mundane beings conspire against you,
When your morality is chained down,
Your rationality in question.
Hold on!

When your dreams are being trampled on,
When your own hands misguide you,
Your inner demons cripple your soul.
Hold on!

When your kinsmen oppose your forte,
When your fidelity is a big question,
Your worthiness crumbling.
Hold on!

When your valentine abdicates you,
Vacates your soul,
And all you have is a minced body.
Hold on mate, hold on!
Embrace the deadlock,
Enhance the flame within you,
For there’s hope on the other side!

Hamilton “Hemiy” Msawenkosi Mnguni is a rapper, poet and writer/freelancer from Frankfort, Freestate. Hemiy is an outgoing male who was originally born in Newcastle (KZN), before relocating to Frankfort. He completed his high school in Nqutu (KZN), then went to the University of Cape Town for tertiary education.

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