Tiger Brands Durban Bakery closes, 12 Staff members test positive for COVID-19

Yesterday evening, 15 April 2020, Tiger Brands announced it is temporarily closing it’s Durban bakery in the interest of the health and safety of all it’s employees. This after 12 staff members tested positive for Covid-19.

Last week, an employee who works in the administrative building reported feeling ill and having flu-like symptoms. After seeking medical help, a test revealed they are infected with Covid-19. All members of staff who had come into contact with the employee were sent for isolation and all staff working in their admin building were tested.

Yesterday it was revealed 12 employees, all working in the admin building, also tested positive for the virus. Regarding food safety concerns a statement clarifies that “none of the employees work on the production line or are involved in the delivery of product to our customers.”

The statement further explains “According to the WHO…there is currently no evidence that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the virus.”

Additionally, ” Our bread manufacturing process is highly automated – from mixing, to baking, to slicing, to sealing into tamper-proof bags and crating. In the event of a positive Covid-19 case, we have developed specific protocols to mitigate the risk of any environmental or surface contamination. This includes isolation and sanitizing of the packaged product, all surfaces in the factory and all delivery trucks. As a result of the bakery’s closure, the bread produced in this facility yesterday has not been dispatched to the market. “

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