Gender Based Violence new bills give harsher punishment, out for public comment

South Africa is said to have some of the best legislation regarding domestic violence in the world. Yet, it also has one of the highest rates of gender based violence.

President Cyril Ramaphosa holds sign written “Enough is Enough”. Credit: news 24

Speaking earlier this year in Parliament President Cyril Ramaphosa said

” Government in the past has launched many, many interventions in the past decade. All these initiatives have been well intentioned, but they have not really, if we are being honest with ourselves, delivered the outcomes that we had hoped for.”

He went on to ensure citizens that government is committed to combating the GBV crises through various measures. One being legal and regulatory reform’s aimed at strengthening South Africa’s legislative framework in response to GBV.

3 New bills being introduced to parliament by the Department of Justice and Correctional Services deal with harsher sentences for perpetrators of violence and abuse against women and children. The bills propose longer jail times for those who are convicted and more stringent regulations regarding bail for the accused. The Criminal Matters Amendment Bill, Domestic Violence Amendment Bill and Sexual Offences Amendment Bill are currently out for public comment. Bulelani Magwanishe, Committee Chair of the Justice and Constitutional Development Portfolio urges all South Africans to make their comments.

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