[Watch]: Rwanda deploys 5 new robots to it’s frontline in the fight against COVID-19

On Tuesday, Rwanda received 5 high-tech robots to support their fight against COVID-19 according to a thread of tweets published by the Rwanda Biomedical Center.

Authorities say that these robots will assist in reducing the risk of infections amongst health care worker’s. They are controlled via a tablet by health professionals and can lead a physical therapy class, read out TV programmes, weather forecasts or local news.

Zora bots weigh around 5,7kg and stand just over 57cm. The Rwandan bots are named Akazuba, Ikirezi, Mwiza, Ngabo and Urumuri and will mainly be used in screening temperature, monitoring patient status and keeping medical records of COVID-19 patients in Rwandan treatment centers.

    source: Rwanda Biomedical Centre

    Created by a Belgian company, Zorabots is an interactive and caring platform solution which runs on humanoid robots and has already been adopted in parts of Europe where they assist in senior health care provision and aiding children with disabilities.

    According to their website the software alone costs $4 990,00 (R 91 283,32).

    The robots can be programmed to speak different languages amongst having other features. Watch below Zorabots interacting with Rwandan officials.

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