South Africa coronavirus cases rises by more than 3 000, with 56 more deaths

South Africa has recorded its highest daily new cases of coronavirus with 3,267 new infections and the death toll has risen to 848 as 56 more people died.

The country now has 40,792 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Western Cape Province remains the epicentre of the epidemic with 27,006 cases and 651 deaths.

The Eastern Cape has also seen a rise in cases and now surpasses Gauteng as the province with the second-highest infections.

This steady increase comes a week after the country has moved to alert level 3 and  more than 8 million South Africans were allowed to return to work

The easing of lockdown may have been premature because the numbers of coronavirus cases are rising daily in all the provinces. It has put the lives of many people, particularly the poor, at risk.

Fear is mounting amongst essential care workers in hospitals across the Western Cape following the lift of the alcohol ban on June 1. The decision to lift the ban was highly contested, as it would put additional strain on already limited healthcare resources.

Dr Keith Cloete, Chief of Operations for Western Cape Health Department, said during a live digi-conference yesterday that there has been an increase in cases in emergency units and trauma units following the lifting of the alcohol ban. Chris Hani Barangwanath hospital also reported that their trauma numbers have nearly doubled.

The Economic Freedom Fighers (EFF) are among those who have called for the ban to be reinstated. Doctors and other health professionals have also voiced their frustration about the lifting of the ban so early.

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