Jozi to Stellenbosch

On June 16, A group of brave young people from South African Destitute Ex-Miners Forum began a historic long walk from Johannesburg to Stellenbosch to raise the plight of mine workers and their exploitation in the mines.

It is for this reason, that we, black young people have decided to join the South African Destitute Ex-Mine workers Forum on it’s march to Stellenbosch- the literal and proverbial centres of power in post-colonial Azania. We stem from an understanding of the real role that Stellenbosch plays in the existence of the black youth of South Africa because we stem from the understanding that Stellenbosch represents the physical extension of the white power-structure that continues to run South Africa as it’s colonial dominion. It is a finitely small amount of families and individuals in Stellenbosch who hold an infinitely huge amount of power over the way of life of ordinary South Africans.


It is our understanding that only through a disruption of the heavenly life that these powers-that-be live, on our patch of Earth, will we be able to begin to convey the message that no one deserves to hold all the delicacies of life whilst others suffer and irk out an existence; we believe that it is only through a direct confrontation with the white racist power-structures will we be able to demand restitution for the unnamed, unknown, faceless, traceless masses of black people that built this country whilst a select few profited and flourished from our slaughter our displacement, our dispossession and at the expense of our indignity.


We demand also retribution for the continual looting of our country by the white capitalist power structure that has maintained itself through the psychological and economical subjugation of the black population of this country. Though the misery and suffering that is the ordinary black South African experience continues, the so-called self made billionaires live unaffected despite their exploitation of the black working class.

We demand retribution for the continual meddling of Stellenbosch’s white monopoly capital in the political systems of South Africa that have to date cost the country trillions in undelivered services and social goods for black poor South Africans, by assisting in corrupting politicians and displaying the notion that governance is something that can be put up for sale.

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