By Hamilton Nguni

How long shall we lose our loved ones? 
While we stand aside and look  
How long shall tears keep rolling down our faces? 
While we stand around and keep cool  
We are the victims every time  
We have troubles now and again 
One time we had to deal with apartheid 
And we were the victims of the situation 
The anger and hatred we had then, 
Have brought us nothing but misery and civil division 
Barbarism from men abusing women and children 
Uncouth and unruly crime ahead of us 
While we face the heartless COVID & Corruption 
Still destroying the lifetime of togetherness 
Let us unite against being divided  
Some belong to political parties  
But I belong to ONE poetical party  
How long shall every night somebody cry?  
Abusive conduct is a violation of Ubuntu  
Murder against innocent people is taboo  
Women and child rape is a barbaric period  
But to some men, it is an introduction of manhood 
Day-in day-out somebody has to die 
While we sit down and wait for the next one 
Everywhere people are fighting for freedom 
Nobody knows what is right or wrong 
When this all started, you and I were not there 
We don’t know where is this coming from and going 
I’m not saying this because of my innocence 
But I’m thinking of the lives we lose 
How long shall it take? 
How long?
    Photo: Supplied

    Poet: Hamilton “Hemiy” Msawenkosi Mnguni

    Hamilton Msawenkosi Mnguni (Hemiy) is a rapper, poet and writer/freelancer from Frankfort, Freestate. Hemiy is an outgoing male who was originally born in Newcastle (KZN), before relocating to Frankfort. He completed his high school in Nqutu (KZN), then went to the University of Cape Town for tertiary education.

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