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This short zine by illustrator Tshepo addresses depression & suicide through digital animations.

“The zine is centered around depression and suicide awareness. I used a set of characters that I developed from different personalities I’ve come across. Being friends with people who battle with depression and also living with it I wanted to create something that communicates the effects suicide has on people with depression and those who […]

Vanimax Comix: Local Free online comic site disrupting the comic world in a uniquely African way.

Submitted by Vanimax Comix 1.What or who inspired Vanimax Comix? Is it based on real people or purely fiction and why the name “Vanimax”? A: Vanimax Comix was inspired by the 1981 Mark Of The Cobra storyboard that was based on the book published by Macmillan. The stories are based on the African stories that have […]

Brenda Nokuzola Fassie: A Tribute [EVENT]

Image: unknown 1981. At the beginning of what would be a politically charged and tumultuous decade, 16 year old Nokuzola Brenda Fassie moves to Joburg. One Sabata Koloi Lebona, musical doyen-producer-songwriter, visits ‘MaBrrr’ in her Langa home and she relocates to Soweto in order to pursue a career (read calling) in music. She joins an […]

Wither the activist: A reflection on the realities and the contradictions of political activism in the era of neoliberalism.

From the onset, I want to begin by developing a coherent structure and logic by way of making an assumptive logic to emphasize that all activist spaces and structures must have a reason for existence. You may call it cultural, social or even political if you like, but the fact is that there is a […]

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