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OPINION: Pik Botha Must Burn in Hell

By: Veli Mbele  “Mr Botha would be remembered for his support for South Africa’s transition to democracy and for his service in the first democratic administration.”-Ntate President Matamela Ramaphosa “As the ANC, although Botha was a former minister of the Nationalist Party administration, we acknowledge and are appreciative of his positive contribution towards building a […]

Racism and Mental Illness: Blackness as a state of anxiety and a constant battle for existence

By: Sinawo Thambo  Racism therefore creates the nervous condition of being black. It can be deemed as a trigger, or a central tenant to why black people suffer from mental illness. Evidently, if one’s existence is based on fighting against the odds of being the other, it is hardly a healthy state of being. In […]

Mbeki Recommends as Medicine The Same Poison That Has Left Blacks Landless

By: Lavittude Ramphomane |I Post What I Like Mbeki’s paper is a welcome gesture because, thanks to its ideological nature, it lays bare the shortcomings of this post-1994 political schema which has virtually legitimised black landlessness; and it also warns us of the dangers of embracing political formations which sanctifies the Freedom Charter and Constitutionalism […]

Mbeki’s views on land defend white privilege at the expense of black people

A non-racial approach to the land question when the access to land is racialized will never be effective. It will not do the people of South Africa any good to sweep under the rug very real differences that racial categories have wrought on South Africa’s society. Mcebo Dlamini The question on land expropriation without compensation […]

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