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[Watch]: Rwanda deploys 5 new robots to it’s frontline in the fight against COVID-19

Created by a Belgian company, the software alone costs $4 990. Authorities say these robots will assist in reducing the risk of infections amongst health care worker’s. The robots with uniquely African names are controlled via a tablet by health professionals and will mainly be used in screening temperature, monitoring patient status and keeping medical records of COVID-19 patients.

[Gallery] Governments Temporary Residential Homes offer an alternative to residents of informal settlements in the fight to Curb the spread of COVID-19

The Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation is underway with their project to relocate some South Africans living in densly populated informal settlements to temporary homes in response to COVID-19. This comes in light of the fact that many people living in informal settlements are not able to practice social distancing nor are afforded […]

Tiger Brands Durban Bakery closes, 12 Staff members test positive for COVID-19

Yesterday evening, 15 April 2020, Tiger Brands announced it is temporarily closing it’s Durban bakery in the interest of the health and safety of all it’s employees. This after 12 staff members tested positive for Covid-19. Last week, an employee who works in the administrative building reported feeling ill and having flu-like symptoms. After seeking […]

Sheep to be slaughtered at Clifton beach to ‘cleanse off racist spirits’

Cape Town – A group of Cape Town activists are planning to protest and slaughter a sheep against the illegal removal of beachgoers at Clifton Beach. Organizing under the banner of #ReclaimClifton, the group which calls itself the Black People’s National Crisis Committee held a press conference on Thursday at Clifton 4th Beach. It said […]

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