First Printed Edition

“While revolutionaries as individuals you can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas”

-Thomas Sankara

What can only be described as a humble start to our dream of doing what has never been done before: uniting our diverse languages into a single publication. Here it is; we can finally say we have done exactly so.
After late nights pressed in front of computer screens furiously typing out the stories we live in our everyday, frustrating edits as editing apps bluntly underlined every word in red (spell check error) reminding us once again about the disconnection of our educational tool kits and inherent culture of removing “learning” from our home languages, heated debates about the title as well as the seemingly longer than anticipated wait of the delayed delivery- a tangible, readable copy of our very First edition of Vernac News.
We are thankful to everyone who helped pull this project together and look forward to the day when we can look back at this time; how we will smile and laugh when our brain child finally grows up and looks and feels even more like the excellence that was poured into this project and how we will proudly proclaim “I was there!”
Happy reading and welcome to the Vernac News Family!


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