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Wither the activist: A reflection on the realities and the contradictions of political activism in the era of neoliberalism.

From the onset, I want to begin by developing a coherent structure and logic by way of making an assumptive logic to emphasize that all activist spaces and structures must have a reason for existence. You may call it cultural, social or even political if you like, but the fact is that there is a […]


“September the 12th Remember Biko” Elitism will be the end of activism… Throughout many liberation movements, we have seen the art of revolting, creating and spearheading beautiful and tragic activism led by young and old black people in particular. It is in few years back when the current South African state president butchered 34 Marikana […]

Uphephela Learner’s License Program: Overcoming barriers to employment for graduates.

Throughout the month of August 2019, graduates of the first cohort of the newly introduced Uphephela Learners license program received their learners licenses certificates. Image source: EFFSC CPUT District Six. First graduates of  the Uphephela Learner’s License program out of a registered class of 300 participants. Initiated by the EFFSC, the program was born out […]

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