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#RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall activist Chumani Maxwele defends his ANC membership

Rhodes Must Fall and #FeesMustFall activist Chumani Maxwele has come under fire for supporting the ruling African National Congress. Maxwele posted a series of pictures on his Facebook account over the weekend showing him on the ANC in KwaZulu Natal. Many expressed disappointment that a student activist associated with the decolonization moment could support a […]

OPINION: Pik Botha Must Burn in Hell

By: Veli Mbele  “Mr Botha would be remembered for his support for South Africa’s transition to democracy and for his service in the first democratic administration.”-Ntate President Matamela Ramaphosa “As the ANC, although Botha was a former minister of the Nationalist Party administration, we acknowledge and are appreciative of his positive contribution towards building a […]

Mbeki Recommends as Medicine The Same Poison That Has Left Blacks Landless

By: Lavittude Ramphomane |I Post What I Like Mbeki’s paper is a welcome gesture because, thanks to its ideological nature, it lays bare the shortcomings of this post-1994 political schema which has virtually legitimised black landlessness; and it also warns us of the dangers of embracing political formations which sanctifies the Freedom Charter and Constitutionalism […]

Black People Should Have Heeded The PAC’s Call on Land Pre-CODESA

By: Lavittude Ramphomane |I Post What I Like If anything, the PAC and APLA’s posture was informed by a conviction that usurping a people’s land (let alone killing, maiming and raping them) is an act of war which can only be put into question by picking up the weapons and respond in a commensurate manner.In […]

Why Nelson Mandela Remains the Quintessential Sellout: A Response to Ncedisa Mpemnyama

By: Mandisi Gladile “And until the American Negros lets the white man know that we are really ready and willing to pay the price that is necessary for freedom our people will always be walking around here like second-class citizens or what you call 20th century slaves. The price of freedom is death”- Malcolm X […]

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