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Right of reply: UCT Dean of Law Faculty says statement by ‘concerned students’ is grossly inaccurate and misrepresents the facts. Read full statement below.

The Dean has spoken. In a detailed statement in which a response is given to each of the concerns raised by the collective of ‘concerned students’ he says that their statement released earlier this week ( read here¬†) is ‘grossly inaccurate and misrepresents the facts.’In his response he admits that the institution has a heavy […]

A collective of concerned Law Students speak out against ‘unpalatable legacy of racism and alienation’ of students at UCT Law Faculty; A call for change. Read full statement below:

A group of concerned students at the University of Cape Town’s Law Faculty have penned their concerns and grievances in a statement issued recently in hope to reignite dialogues and engagement on the issues they are facing and effect change in their faculty.They are fed up with the institutional racism and university culture that alienates […]

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