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Mbeki’s views on land defend white privilege at the expense of black people

A non-racial approach to the land question when the access to land is racialized will never be effective. It will not do the people of South Africa any good to sweep under the rug very real differences that racial categories have wrought on South Africa’s society. Mcebo Dlamini The question on land expropriation without compensation […]

On Suicide at Wits University: These Are Not Just Suicides They Are Murder

By: Mcebo Dlamini It was in 2015 during the Fees Must Fall protests when I was greeted by graffiti slashed across the walls of one of the entrances at Wits University. The graffiti written in red spraypaint by a group called BlackThought read ‘we can no longer breathe in this university’. It became clear to me that the […]

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